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If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be able to articulate your sales proposition clearly, telling potential buyers exactly what they need to know in the most concise way possible. 

Are you able to step into your buyers' shoes and understand what motivates them to buy, and most importantly, buy from YOU, rather than your competitor? 

Of course, you know your business better than anyone, but can you do all of this AND run your business at the same time? 

So, that's why you need a copywriter. The next question is why choose ME? 

I have the ability to view your business from your customer's perspective and create compelling, powerful words that will highlight your key USPs, grab your potential customers’ attention and convince them to respond. I am also an expert at inspiring and engaging people through the use of clever words and storytelling. 


Wherever you want your business to go next, I can help you to get there!

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#2 How do you charge for your copywriting services?

 I charge in the way that will work best for you. I can either provide a fixed quote for the whole job before we start work. Or if you prefer, I can charge an hourly / daily rate and work with a timesheet, which tends to suit creative agencies and regular clients.  

#3 Ok, i'm convinced, what next?

Email me, text me, WhatsApp me or even pick up the phone! Let's talk about how I can help your business to find its true voice.

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